Once I Stepped on a Jellyfish

On the beach you always see
People who think they’re attractive classically
Tans, sunglasses, floral prints, mismatched tops and bottoms.
Super buff but no sunscreen, conversely way too much.
I am not convinced

Another sight you will oft see
Is people burning gracefully
Lying in the warming sun attracting UV rays
They did not reapply every 80 minutes or every 2 hours long
Red as a lobster

The bumbling waves rise gently
Unless a storm’s let free
Laying by the sea, people yelling tidal wave
Oh no run, new England’s wildlife abounds
At least they aren’t jellyfish

Public Fighting (transportation style)

Of course I’m fine
Why wouldn’t I be?
Its not like I’m early enough
To cry painfully

The exam is no big
Deal I just need a D
So why is the train
Trying to mess with me?

New info just saved
Me from a breakdown
This train is express
Still late, but causing less of a frown