Like a face fungus on your life
It needs to be taken care of

Like when it rains after being so humid,
And somehow, 100% humidity is better than 90%
Relief with a twist

Like when you miss the train just as you can see it

Like at the end of a long day when you finally take off your shoes
Realizing your exhaustion

Like when someone tells you a hilarious thing and asks you to keep it a secret
Excitement and longing

Like when someone is born green and tries to be gold while pretending not to care

Like when you find out your planet has been destroyed, but you and one other person are still alive
Either happiness or disgust at your options

Like when you eat something you know you shouldn’t

Like when that girl you know starts spouting off analogies, but not offering any advice because she doesn’t know what to say
She wishes she could help more

The Eternal Struggle

Its not the scariest thing in life
Trying on new clothes
But one particular brand brings strife
The swimming variety pose

In a foolish move I tried
To order one online
But as I from the package pried
It out, it was far from divine

Trying suits on left and right
You’ll see the dilemma
Pulling on and off the tight
Ones might kill your skin raw

I guess I’ve found a solution
To some problems rather than all
Its not the most usual one
But I won’t have to try them like a doll

Instead of making sure the suit will reach
All the parts that it should cover
I should just swim at a nude beach
I might rather have creepers than wedgies to hover

An Urgent Request for Agent M

My dear friend Agent M
What have you been doing
We sent you on a mission
Instead, are you canoodling?

E and I are worried
You should be more efficient
And use your torture methods
Instead of becoming conditiant

If you don’t find out
We may have to send some backup
Not saying he’s the culprit
But not saying he won’t be jacked up

My dear friend Agent M
My spy device has been dead for days
Please update me on your life
And be calm and see through the haze

A Year: Abridged – Unlocked

I think of red balloons, whenever I’m with you
I don’t know why, I never have experienced them with you
I think of the masking tape, stuck beside my bed
Of hitchhiking the galaxy, with you walking beside my tread
Our many battles fought in the final destination
Who would have thought that Peach could beat Kirby’s commendation? ;)
Ambling walks of fate, with no destination in mind
Discovering new vistas of the beautiful or ugly kind
A hand to hold in movies, while we try to keep the focus
Such snarky comments ready, always say them in the locus
Cuddling on cold, cold nights, blissful as can be
Snuggling a cat or scarf when you’re not where I can see
Weird looks across the orchestra, not caring if we’re seen
Sneaking around camp so information isn’t gleaned
But then again it wasn’t bad when most cohorts found out
I admit my glee when I could flout my happiness about
Milkshakes, burgers, stir fry. And dancing in the kitchen
When I was doing dishes, you always offering to pitch in
So many things I think about when I think about you
I know I’ll always add to this, whatever, I choose you!

Dedicated to ClassyMan and our 1 year of togetherness!

My Sailboat’s in the Centerfold

My calendar has told me
This month is sailboat themed
I know this from the picture
Recreational is what it seemed
A whale tail in the foreground
But it is the G rated kind
Wouldn’t want my calendar
To of a pinup one remind
Literally a boat
With stripes and sails and flag
How dare you imagine otherwise
For that I wouldn’t brag!