Red in the Face

I’m sorry I was cross
I didn’t mean to yell in case
I became red in the face

Oh wait, now I remember
It wasn’t me who yelled
Or anyone who even spelled

So why am I red in the face?
Am I embarrassed or excited
Or have I been indicted?

No, I’m pretty sure none of those
So I’ll have to be a detective
And find out if my face is defective

I bet its a new allergy
Something that just decided
To come unannounced and uninvited

Thanks But No

I’ve been stamped with a burning brand
Pushed out in the cold and left to stand
Will I ever even shake hands with my goal
Or will I be sent standing and hobbling like a newly born foal

Though it’s the nicest rejection I ever got
I still wanted it, rather a lot
If I’m going to live here I might as well possess
Some way to make money not under duress

Rejected. The word burns bitter and harsh
Dejected. Uncomfortably hot in the despairing marsh
I definitely won’t get over it well enough soon
I’m going to feel dismay, because my joy has been hewn

Technically not Insomnia

When I’ve woken up
After 9 hours of sleep
And the morning sun has asked ‘sup
And the light has done far more than creep

The rays are shining through
Into my disturbed line of view
And though all I want is rest true
It has decided to leave me for you

I’m sure that those who aren’t me
Are in bed and sleeping quite well
And not thinking but dreaming in glee
Because unlike me, you’re all still under that spell

Overwhelmingly Physiological

Did you know that falling down
And flying in your dreams
Could just be rehearsals
Instead of causing screams?

Did you know that substance P
Causes lots of pain?
But did you know the PAG
Causes less of it to strain?

Did you know that in slow wave sleep
Sometimes you can walk and talk?
Or that if you’re blind but your eyes are fine
You can navigate a room like a hawk?

Did you know that this girl has
Thousands of facts to learn at home
And could only think of these
When writing up this poem?