Zeus Has An Attitude Problem

What if airplane bumps and bruises
Were nothing more than air
Instead of while the pilot cruises
The clouds attack, prejudiced, with care

You may have thought the other way
Around was the true case
But any pilot will tell you in the fray
The clouds think they have earned their place

And if clouds think you dare to mess
With their status flow
Buckle your belts and secure your dress
Because clouds will make your whole ride blow

Kitten in the Dark

On my walk in the dead of night
I see a blur in the distance
Now I know that this should cause me fright
This mysterious blob now in my sight

As I come closer to my fate
The shape emerges clear
And I know I have no reason to hate
In fact, what I see would actually hate negate

Imagining I must be insane
The meowing sets me sensible
A cat I’ve met makes my guard wane
My heart has known true gain

My new friend and I both cry out
We’ve found our sister souls
Though she meows and I have a coughing bout
My feline follows me, and neither pout

At least, it’s what the kitten tried to do
I walked so slowly, followed
Knowing fate had spoken true
When the black cat rubbed against me and started to mew

It climbed my leg and begged for love
How could I say no?
My soulmate met in the dark above
I’d want her close even if she downed a dove

A magic night we two girls had
On a chilly Tuesday night
Though she left me standing sad
Spooked by a car, she ran away glad

What Else is Digging This Up?

I’ve had an event not easily foretold,
It was my trust and security so easily sold
All I really know is we have a hole

Then I see our dirt dug up and behold
A tale as old as news covered in mold
It seems, Agent H, we have a mole

By Agent M

Second Hand Revenge

Deciding to give my neighbor a gift
Was not a hard decision
I try to avoid a neighborly rift
But I can’t, barring inhibition

I know exactly zero of the three
In putrid apartment six
So loud, repugnant, I judge but don’t see
What awful thing they seem to mix

I’ll leave a note for their reading pleasure
On the gift of a new ash tray
They can respond promptly, at their leisure
I demand action, here to stay

No longer will I let my own hallway
Up here to be filled with smoke
Do you think in jest its what I say?
Poor kid, I assure you this is no joke

If a non-response is what you give me
I’ll only be a little mean
Send your butts to our landlord, for free
“No charge to kick you out,” I’ll preen

I must admit it may in fact, not go down this way
But what’s a notavogon to do when she wheezes and coughs all day?
Give a warning, then revenge, then play.

Shot in the Arm

I used to write letters
Instead of studying
My time is now much better spent
Writing poetry and living

Although its pretty hard
I now have the flu
I should have got my shot
Instead of catching you

A warning poem now
Because I cough and wheeze
If you don’t get your shot
I’ll kick you in your knees

Showering with Friends

There is a spider in my shower
I see him in there every hour
Who knows if he just likes to clean
Himself or if he’s there for sheen

While I shower his web does glisten
Maybe he likes to peacefully listen
To the music I play while I wash
As all around him the waters slosh

Usually I’m a horrid murderer
Of bugs and insects I see, though never a torturer
I can’t abide small things that scurry
Or always look like they’re in a hurry

I’m somewhat ashamed of my murderous past
And future, but I swear that integrity will last
The spider in the shower and I
Have an agreement beyond the sky

The spider will kill all bugs of the bathroom
And I will no longer have to fume
At the bugs who invade my space
They don’t even pay rent! Lazy invaders of my place