The Third Most Intelligent

In dark dark days
I cling to them
I whine and plead
The stress it stems

I need them close
But they spread far
I hope together
We’ll be at par

I complain
Near all the time
Seriously anything
I’m not a mime

I love them so
My family
When I want to weep
They speak gently

Talk me down
From an anxious high
Takes more than one
ClassyMan works it wry

He is often
The last I call
The one I need
When I’m about to fall

MisT gets a quick
Phone now
I miss her so
So I try not to have a cow

I text my clan
Agent M
And E the unemployed
Trying to get some REM

The sister she
Is so useful
Will let me talk
Till the words are full

Even Padre
I call first
The best advice
Though it seems the worst

Darn it all
I can’t believe
The mouse is back
I should still try to breathe

Your Worst Nightmare

The shadows dance and dart
Through the darkened shades
One is striped the other is opaque

Imagining the part
Where shadows aren’t
Shadows but your lives

Past, future but no start
All are intertwined
No more need to fear the dark

If they all have your heart
You can rest with ease
Surrounded by nothing worse than yourself

Classily with MisT and ClassyMan

We speak real well with eloquence
We drink my sparkling grape juice
Dressed to the nines, not on the fence
But ironically tightening bolts, loose

I knew assembling furniture
Was a complicated task
So suave the fancy dresses lure
Why not sip juice and skip the flask

The Malm is now together and we have celebrated
Some more though, MisT and ClassyMan could well recall
We found it quite pleasant, some may say elated
At least it’s my perspective, I don’t know about them all

There are never arguments among the classy folk
They merely disagree at their very worst
Even building a bed, the three of us just spoke
We lived through classy night, no one felt they were to burst

A word to wise and classy friends
Always dress well and converse
With elegance, and prepare for classy ends
And you’ll never feel so terse


Everyone agrees that practicing is key
But more obviously is that you not stray from the key
Dusting off the old chin rest
Remembering your fingers should know the rest
Don’t forget to make sure you’ve now aligned your bridge
Or else it may as well just slip when you’re bowing the bridge
If you don’t take the time to be in tune
Nobody will want to hear your tune
In fourths or fifths how will you tune each string
So all the notes join in a lovely string
You’d better have a sturdy music stand
You never know when they will make you stand
After your grand finale you take a bow
Leaving the stage you now loosen your bow