When I Can

When I don’t figure skate
It feels as though my legs will run away without my body

When I don’t play my violin
My arms are noodles, only fit for cutting onions and causing tears

When I don’t write
Everything stays in, and I become a boring average

When I skate
I can fly

When I make music
My fingers have a purpose

When I write
I can compose poems, and myself


I wish I could feel
Sorry, but you are broken
And it’s not my job

To pick up all your
Pieces, so leave me alone
And I’ll start life fresh

Internal closure
More important than facade
For me, is enough

I’ll leave your mess for
Someone else to use, maybe
Their flower will grow

But I have turned the
Compost, and can walk away
Having done my part

Skills Pay Bills

Interviewing skills I know
But how much do I have to show
To get a job that suits my skill?
Hope it’s my skills not just good will
Although to be quite honest guys
My confidence here goes to the skies.
Truth be told its all I want
To get a job, escape the haunt
No more hikes through suburban streets
No more bacon smell competes
No more smiling just for tips
No more standing on my hips
Restaurant service isn’t great
For me when stress does not abate
This company better hire me
Because only then will my weekends be free

Moving day has come and gone
And so have all my muscles
Now all I want is food and sleep
No more of all these hustles

Someone please put together my bed
So I can sleep above
The floor is not a place for me
No more than a cage for a dove

If only I were Cinderella
I’d call my avian friends
They’d sweep and clean
And get all the nooks and bends

Although then I’d be much dirtier
And my roommates would be the worst
I’m glad they’re not my stepsisters
And that a prince is not my thirst

So I’m glad to not be Cinderella
But wish someone would clean with all their might
My new, messy apartment
Maybe I should try being Snow White

My Hideaway

Sometimes I dream I’ll run away
To a secret mountain hideaway
Where all the woodland creatures dance
Around not wearing any pants
And where I’ll be so free to roam
Have only bark to write a poem
But then I remember all the bugs
And how I can’t live without allergy drugs