Lame Duck

Soon to be recent college grad
Much more of a mouthful than a name like Brad

What do we call these useless lame ducks?
Because they aren’t chickens they can’t give any clucks

Done with their classes but not taken the exam
They want parties but still need to cram

And what do we call the time after that?
When they took the exam but haven’t yet thrown the hat?

I think a presidential term
Is suited to the college infirm

Lame ducks we shall all call ye
Including the one that I call, me


There’s a spider in my bedroom
Doing things I’d never do
Sitting still, lying in wait
Not snacking, is there even a view?

Right between my mama’s boots
And an orange rocking chair
You’ve moved in while I’ve been gone
I’ve been trying not to stare

Spider, could we be more different?
Sharing a space but nothing more
I wonder if you exercise
Or is dieting how you keep fat-poor?

I tend to stay away from bugs
I don’t like things that crawl around
You’ve got six legs that I do not
I’ll keep my two to stay my ground

Some could call you arachnid
I won’t squish you if you stay
You’ve only moved a little bit
But get ideas and you will pay

Stalk Around the Block

Was I the stalker and were you the stalkee?
Or were you the one who was following me?

Slightly stout and older a bit
I don’t quite remember the very first hit

How many times one encountered the other
So similar in thinking I’d have thought you my brother

Even on the train you sat across from my seat
Direct confrontation not exactly a treat

Hope our encounter was a one time thing
I’d hate to call the cops if you decide to ring

Or if you called them on me instead
I’d have to hide in my garden shed

So friend or foe or whatever your name
I’ll avoid you if you do the same

Seasonal Uprising

Could spring be coming?
Or is that thought too becoming?

For of winter we found no body
But who seems to care now? Nobody

Could spring come up rising?
Or is this a lead in to summer’s uprising?

Mutiny among seasons is never more
Obvious than a raven saying ‘nevermore’

Playing Safe

Goodnight goodnight my faded friend
Not sure if bitter but surely an end
You gave what-ifs as a reason to bounce
I suppose you were scared that commitment would pounce
Just because I saw in the distance a future
Doesn’t mean right now that I’d want to you suture
I’m no psychic but I should have seen
How badly you wanted out of this, clean
Take some time, we’ll be friends someday
But until then we will pause, not play