My Hideaway

Sometimes I dream I’ll run away
To a secret mountain hideaway
Where all the woodland creatures dance
Around not wearing any pants
And where I’ll be so free to roam
Have only bark to write a poem
But then I remember all the bugs
And how I can’t live without allergy drugs

Body Talk

‘Oh please’ my body says to me
‘You think I would let you feel free
To sleep away the night so dark?
Your mind neutral and your bod in park?’

‘You can maybe just have one
And then I’ll do what’s to be done’
‘But body’, I say back to you
‘Shouldn’t those be together too?’

My body says, ‘life isn’t fair
Now go pick what you’re gonna wear’
I’ve got no way to get it back,
For it is me and my attack

Lame Duck

Soon to be recent college grad
Much more of a mouthful than a name like Brad

What do we call these useless lame ducks?
Because they aren’t chickens they can’t give any clucks

Done with their classes but not taken the exam
They want parties but still need to cram

And what do we call the time after that?
When they took the exam but haven’t yet thrown the hat?

I think a presidential term
Is suited to the college infirm

Lame ducks we shall all call ye
Including the one that I call, me


There’s a spider in my bedroom
Doing things I’d never do
Sitting still, lying in wait
Not snacking, is there even a view?

Right between my mama’s boots
And an orange rocking chair
You’ve moved in while I’ve been gone
I’ve been trying not to stare

Spider, could we be more different?
Sharing a space but nothing more
I wonder if you exercise
Or is dieting how you keep fat-poor?

I tend to stay away from bugs
I don’t like things that crawl around
You’ve got six legs that I do not
I’ll keep my two to stay my ground

Some could call you arachnid
I won’t squish you if you stay
You’ve only moved a little bit
But get ideas and you will pay