Shouldn’t or Khan’t?

Life is quite unlike cups of tea,

Its made of you and him and me.


You cannot start over with a new tea bag,

If you dump it out, you may find a snag

In your idea, because it seems

That you have lost your self esteem.


Self Esteem, as we all know

Helps fuel a person to make them grow,

But it isn’t all lost if you can find

A way to make the arduous climb.


Back to the top, or on your way,

You might not succed, but try not to stray

From the path you want to travel on,

You shouldn’t stop life, don’t listen to Khan.

For life is almost but not quite entirely unlike,

a cup of tea, so start the motor, for your hike.

Good luck, you’ll need it, remember to steep,

no longer than 30 minutes, or advice may get deep.


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