At first you see it solitary
Floating from the sky.
It drifts in flurries peacefully,
All the while, attack is nigh.

One of them puts you at ease
Then another, more of these.

They come down with force untold
Forcing us our hoods to hold.

Many millions band together
Though one is lighter than a feather.

They come banded rushing us
Waging war; we make a fuss.

The light fluffy battalion planned
To block the roadways hand in hand.

With others of their cursed kind
They plotted to our plans unwind.

But though they have tools of their own
We have salt, poisoning their throne.

Plows and shovels work to move
The evil crystals in a groove.

Though today an adversary
After battle there are nary

Any of them to be seen
On the sidewalks, now all clean.

A worthy foe we part as equals
Each have wounds, it makes the trees fall.

Snow you are almost a friend
But bitter rival to the end.


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