Don’t Let Them In (About Mice)

Enough of that personal mucking about
Its time for us all to have screams and to shout
You’ll always come out better off in the end
Even if you have but one half a friend
A dog or a cat or a hamster will do
Or even that flower you see on the street
Just talking about it you should not retreat
A flower that answers is not as it seems
You might want to get checked out by those who screen
So please bring your towel and be ready to fight
You never quite know what will come in the night
It may be that I am a boring old man
But you’d be mistaken if I know who I am
But that is a tangent as true as can be
You must get your things sorted out, take a knee
Let me give you just one piece of advice
You just might know that the world is run by mice
The question they seek could simply blow your mind
You’ll never be sane if you give it in kind
The answer is always much more than was seen
So please calm your mind you’d not want them to glean
Any info that they’d want to extract
You’ll be happier if you know its exact.
The lesson of this is of mice please be wary
You never know when things could start to get hairy.


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