An Epic: The Description

The startling beginning
So epic my head is spinning
Your hopes are up, defenses down
You’ll get to reading when about the town

Please don’t run into a pole
Please keep your person a whole

The downward spiral of the hero
Makes it seem he is a zero
Or maybe he starts out that way
So he can climb back up one day
Either path will make it work
You could liken him to that Herc

Help is offered and turned down
Hubris turns him to a clown
Take the offer, darn you fool!
Trying to act like someone cool

Heros like to be so suave
They would not deal with a mob
Unless to fight them hand and tooth
And make the others seem uncouth

Epics have a time and place
I loved them post, I love them haste
The hero wins only at the end
Or at the beginning, a time telling bend

They learn a lesson, two, or three
Or find they win an untold degree
Good job you, hero
Proud to hear-o

You got the girl or won the cash
You showed the guy or took out his trash
Unless a tragic hero you were
In which case you might end up with death or anger

But now we need not that attend
Because we’ve reached the place called the end


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