Doctors Visit

I had a conversation with an orthopedist lately
It centered around random things but nothing very stately
Its always funny when a doctor tries lightening the mood
He really thinks he is a really cool and froody dude
The both of us talked on and on about mixing up taste
With sight and touch and sound if drugs you took in haste
But I brought up it could be Synesthesia just instead
He said he wasn’t going to bring up fancy words from in his head
He was surprised I knew the term however what he said
And I was surprised from what the start the conversation led
You really can have strange encounters of an interesting kind
Just talk to strangers with an increasingly open mind


7 thoughts on “Doctors Visit

    • Thanks, I just seem to have really good luck with doctors, who seem to be oddballs just as much as me! Conversations go in the strangest directions when I’m around!

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