Guess I Need to Practice

I wait on a park bench and I’m sitting in the rain
I hear the little rush as it gurgles to the drain
Nothing much has happened yet still the early day
I’ve been up to nothing good or bad, just going to play
My violin I guess, I really haven’t practiced much lately
But not to worry I’m getting back into it not sedately
An active part in music I have always wished to bow
The only way to make it is the notes make sure to know

Still I have not played in the orchestra for quite some time
A month in fact is a long length for me to state in rhyme
I hope they remember to place me in an outside chair
I know its kind of arrogant for me to want me there
I promise this time I’ll work hard, I just had injury
I had Doctor look at it and he took care of me
But I have not yet practiced as I sit here on the bench
So I’d better get back to my home and bow in my fist clench


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