Ode to WikiHow

Oh WikiHow, how you make
Me remember days where happiness, I faked
Like the time I worked with food and drink
At a restauraunt that brought me close to the brink
Oh how I hated the food service
And oh the pandering so they wouldn’t get nervous
About the quality of the eatables
And the assurance that clean were all of empty tables

I just read How to Butterfly Shrimp
Telling me how to never skimp
On deveining
Most appetizing
Don’t think about it, scrutinizing
I just can’t help but remember the time
When I lost my reason and forsook my rhyme
In boredom I volunteered for something
I never should have, it was my undoing

My coworkers had never seen
Me in a mood most foul and mean
From butterflying shrimp and then
Battering and frying them

The tedium near did me in
I’d hope to not be mad again
For food prep can drive one insane
Don’t ever commit, it can fry your brain
At least one hundred did I cut
The all lay there so I did gut
I don’t care if you I offend
I lost my cool, my path did bend

Once upon a time I had
Nice inside of me, instead
Now I am cruel, harsh, and bitter
Because of shrimp, sanity a flitter
So heed my words and sound advice
Staying away should suffice


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