MissT, H, and E; Dear Friends

In fact not by notavogon,
but by my dear friend and colleague, Agent M

Missing Persons who need not be found
They are not lost but simply not around
But when I am the only one who has left
My word choice Missing Persons isn’t deft

So missing persons and Missing Person I am
Fallen into the bad habit of taking it on the lam
Left a school and majors of about three
Where have my goals gone, where will my life be?

Yes, this Missing Person may be lost
Left my friends cheaply at a dear cost
Until my only true break in the Spring
I survive on the joy Skype leaves lingering


2 thoughts on “MissT, H, and E; Dear Friends

    • You are so kind, thank you! My friend, Agent M wrote this, and let me post it today. She will be so thrilled, especially since we live so far away from each other! ‘The fourth worst poetry’ is slightly a joke, a literary reference to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, because ‘Vogon poetry is of course the third worst in the universe’ so I really couldn’t say it was the worst, haha, as slots one through three have already been named! 😉

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