Highway to Swell

Today I sit upon a train
Alone, but with my brain
Strangers sitting left and right
They could be friends but not polite?

Kids are tumbling all around
I hope they don’t fall to the ground
The train it rumbles on the tracks
A sick or asthmatic coughs and hacks.

I love the people of the train
People watching as I don’t crane
My neck because that could be weird
I’m not a creeper with a beard!

Backpacks, purses, bags galore
Out of the train the people pour
The seats are cramped but full of rears
My midpoint destination nears

I forgot my library card
Is this errand a waste to go to the yard
No because I have my end goal
Of meeting family in a pit hole

Its not really that bad
Its just not really rad
So I bid you adieu
Cuz I’m going to view

A really good time with my family today
The train ride to them is a fun thing to weigh
Final destination of notavogon awaits
A place that only quite nearly irates.


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