STC, I Challenge Thee Part 1

Based on The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
By Samuel Taylor Coleridge (aka STC)

A Snide Summary

Part I
Remember that old Mariner
Well hey, at his bequest
He harrased an innocent wedding goer
That surprised guest did stop to rest

The guest wanted to get going
He’s related to the groom
I guess the old man had a motive
Because he kept him from the room

The Mariner starts to relate,
The wedding guest that he offends
The Mariner remebered his
Days of glory from the start to ends

The wedding guest gets more impatient
But we don’t have to care
The bright eyed man went out to sea
And challenged a storm as if on a dare

The ship was tossed around about
The men started to scream and shout
The ship was groaning although stout
And then the ice came suddenly
The ice was everywhere and green
A mountain threatening not subtly

The ice goes on personified
It growled at our ancient friend
The ice was every place it could
Be trying to make his time just end

But then an angel, albatross
Did fly into their sights
The Mariner and men called it
Not wanting with ice to start the fights

As if a spell the albatross
Kept flying round and round
Could it have split the ice apart
Who knows but they escaped the pound

Their savior followed them about
The Mariner so pleased was he
It kept returning, stalking
Might he have let it be

But no the fool, not really smart
He did not think things through
He shot the albatross with a cross bow
Do you think that this he’ll rue?

Oh STC why are you cruel
Why did you make the Mariner
Take the life of an innocent
And not some other sailor

The poor old man he knew nothing
About what he had done
I can’t believe you are so harsh
That now he’s cursed and cannot run


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