Paranoia Time

The clock tells me it’s passing by
Somehow I think this is a lie
Tick and tock it makes its noise
Tripping likes bunch of boys

Going through the motions
The clock’s own locomotion’s
I can’t wait for time to pass
I want to be out of this class

Now I’m in a room with none
No clocks for me or anyone
At least the music helps me settle
I’ll try to keep an even mettle

I’d say I’m going stir crazy
But I’m not sure the feeling’s hazy
I can’t wait for my plane ride
But before that they’ll have my hide

Especially if I don’t perform
To the accepted social norm
So much pressure through the week
But I won’t be crushed I’m not that weak

Orchestra night now I see
I went crazy but now I’m key
Orchestra night so upset
Now I’m home no need to fret


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