Full Body Block

Trapped. A wall of slothful giants
Threatens my persistence
They don’t seek out their non compliance
But they are the resistance

Together they stand tantamount
To the pumice of Pompeii
Slowly poison them of doubt
Can’t escape their foul delay

Short in stature, small, not loud
Light footed person now behind
Failing to surpass the crowd
Frustration growing, are they blind?

Who do they all think they are
Blocking the whole way
Just because they can bar
The path with their body feng shui

A cough, a nudge (but not too close)
Enough to get their attention
I’m not weirdly grandiose
Just want to get escape this odd detention

Finally they notice it
And stop dead in their tracks
Fine by me if they all split
Now I’m done staring at their backs


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