Ad Libs Don’t Work

Sometimes I verb (2 syllables) for what I want to say
There just aren’t adjective (2) words for me to speak in a day
I’m not going to blame the English noun (2) for making me this way
But sometimes I want to verb (1) another language just to make it pay

I realize that this is more than one tall noun (2) for me to make
But how many of you decide to stay adjective (2) and only fake
The words you verb (2) to say decide to go unspoken, you’re such a flake
Even though its not your fault but noun (2) you start to ache

Could I have written a short little ode to noun (2) just to get me by
I verb (2) but where’s the fun in that when the language is so sly
It doesn’t let me say all of the noun(1) I think and cry
But lets me down when I am adjective (1), it waves a small sarcastic hi


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