Elephants for MisT

A late Valentine’s Day poem

The elephant in the room
Is not filled with gloom
The elephant in this apartment
Has more than one compartment

Because the elephant all up in here
Is made of other ones ya hear?
My apartment is filled with happiness and them
My roommate remembers them from when

Even as she’s been condemned
I can see a room of them
I’m tired as anything I’ve seen
But its pretty easy for me to glean

The information sitting there
To me it seems to sit and stare
I like them there but still I wonder
If they could make mind and body asunder

If alive you would hear the thunder
They would invade but never plunder
Elephants are kind and wise
They keep us glad and strengthen ties

To those the past has taken size
And decided to keep under guise
Of leaving us from then till now
But we know they will never bow

Strong and fierce they wave a bough
Always at us for love avow
We know the elephants are here
To bring us joy and lots of cheer

They remind us of yesteryear
To remember the good and not the fear
Remembering good that will go on
Of pups and cutest things to fawn

Elephants have their memories drawn
So that good times we’ll never pawn
The elephant is in the room
Lifting us from our thoughts of gloom


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