Resolution 1800×600

I confess I’m not strictly ‘religion’us
Its not a deal why, but I just can’t stay with ‘us’
Spirituality runs in my veins
Even though sometimes they pull in the reins

Today is a day that many don’t care about
This doesn’t apply to many on their usual route
But to me it applies, because a while ago
I said I would be one and drank the (worse than) bordeaux

I confess that it took me by surprise
When ClassyMan told me of the weekend arise
A Mardi Gras party, well on its way
To just coming close to a few days away

Oh no, now I know that it doesn’t apply
To many of you, but it had to run by
I don’t really care to bring up such tradition
But how I found out was a shocking rendition

I just can’t believe that I, totally daft
Would not know the start of Lent and Mardi Gras and laughed
No time to think about what not to do
I might not go to church always but traditions are few

Enough that I want to do good or not evil
At least while I’m not living completely medieval
So if y’all could off some friendly advice
To a person who forgot that season not twice

But only one time I’d be greatly appreciative
And might even write a poem dedicated to you I’d give


5 thoughts on “Resolution 1800×600

  1. We Irish get a special dispensation from the Pope for St. Patrick’s Day. I suggest that you encourage the Mardi Gras Committee to apply for same immediately (to operate retrospectively just for you).

    • Mike, you win. That is very helpful advice. Especially since I can technically claim some Scots Irish heritage … However vaguely. I will do so immediately! Any requests on poems, haha?

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