Sock Folding

Is there anything more monotonous
Except maybe washing a hippopotamus
Or anything that is more of a bore
Except for standing at a freshly closed door
I don’t think so guys

I wear them every day without care
I always change them, just like my underwear
The mind bogglingly dull tedium
I always feel when folding this medium
It just doesn’t seem that wise

Why not take a bag of the clothes
And put them with like minded fabrics those
Or you could just recycle them out
And buy new ones all just the same, there’s no doubt
Time hardly ever flies

Folding your socks is a great suck of time
I never can because I’m so full of rhyme
I just get distracted and there’s no motivation
To fold all these socks in my small clothing nation
It just sends me into cries

They tell you all those lies
About what folding socks implies
And say success is your new prize
But they are probably quite spies
Don’t even get me started on ties


2 thoughts on “Sock Folding

    • Thanks Mike! I think that everything has a rhyme hidden somewhere in it šŸ™‚ also, thank you for the wonderfully worded comments, they are greatly appreciated

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