The Day the Soda Weighed Us Down

A mile of round trip
Good thing neither of us did slip
Or that I didn’t bust my hip
My shoulder would have had a chip

Started on our quest
After longer than a little rest
Made a list and checked it twice
But then forgot it, darn, no dice

Out of food but in the store
Why buy less when you can have more?
Five fifty nine or four for ten
MisT and I go spend our yen

Giving up my lent condition?
No, social events are the partition

We decide to split the price
And buy 4 times 12 of my vice
The air was filled with such turmoil
The wind picked up and took all the topsoil

During return almost blown to the sky
I never knew I could almost fly
Thinking that we’d land in Oz
We did not go up high because

Even though the carbonation
Gave me some thoughts of consternation
It did me proud and held us down
Saved us from flying around town


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