Blind Date

All dressed up
Dressed for success
Think you’re not ready
You’re such a mess

The pull and tug
Emotions mixed
Should you not go
No, your face is fixed

Determination now is set
You realize now you’re late
Throw your stuff into your bag
Preparation for this date

Public transport to the spot
You’ll meet your online friend
Took some research, lots of sites
Just hope you won’t meet your end

Stranger danger, heckles rise
But you know you’re prepared
Bringing a can of pepper spray
Just in case you feel dared

Take your friend
For extra criticism
Anxiety rise, butterflies
Start to threaten vandalism

What a weird response
For meeting with an online guy
Is what you’re thinking now
But you don’t know what you’ve come to buy

Judge the looks and personality
But you don’t have the key
This fatal first meeting
Should be happening shortly

Five minutes pass
And fifteen, thirty
Where is this guy? You asks
If he doesn’t show, I’m gonna think he’s dirty

Strange life forms
Start to pass
Suspiciously eye them
It’s not him, alas

Then a sad eureka breaks
Stood up is what you are
But still you wait and look
Because you think that is his car

Spend so much time
Fretting about your looks
Professional, responsible, and has enough money
If he doesn’t see you he won’t swallow the hooks

Your Realtor is mean
Doesn’t care about your money
Apparently he thinks
Leaving you standing is very funny

But two can play at that game
As you learn quite well that day
You call the number on the building
So circumvent your clear dismay

That Realtor doesn’t know
What he’s missing in a renter
He could have made some cash but now
He’ll get reported to the website epicenter


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