Fairy Tale 2

Pretty, an abused princess
Makes the most of it

Her dad is quite dead
But her step mom is jealous
Of her prettiness

Mirror mirror on
The wall who is the fairest
Woman of them all

Why do you gotta
Be like that, what has she done
To you, her step mom?

But anyway this
Snow White chick goes around and
Sings to all critters

Her step mom angry,
She puts a hit out on Snow
Hires her servant man

But too bad for her
The servant is a softie
He does like Snow White

He lets Snow escape
She runs into the forest
She finds a hollow

Hiding from whatever
Terrified, she falls asleep
In a stranger’s bed

Oh no here they come
Dwarves return from their mining
To see a girl there

They stare, she wakes up
Both parties are confused but
Cleaning makes fast friends

Dwarves hide her from queen
Snow White is oblivious
To stranger danger

The queen tries once and
Twice again to rid the land
Of her one rival

Don’t take food from those
You don’t know! The queen disguised
Takes a poisoned fruit

Answer the door to
Find an old lady with it
Takes that fatal bite

Dwarves return to find her
DEAD. They weep and then put her
In a glass coffin

But now a prince comes
Riding by and sees dead Snow
He wants her beauty

Pays the dwarves in cash
Or convinces them of his
Undying true love

Either way he drags
Her coffin away by horse
Jostled, it shakes her

To her core, rumbled
Bouncing like abdominal
Thrusts, she coughs it out

And breathes, alive to
Tell her tale and to marry
The prince who saves her

Then they get revenge
On the queen who tried to kill
Her so many times


3 thoughts on “Fairy Tale 2

  1. I absolutely love,love,love this! I did a screen print of it so I can read it again and again and again.

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