Fairy Tale 3

There’s a twinkle in
The sky when a pregnant mom
Starts craving salad

In the dark of the
Night her husband creeps into
The neighbor’s garden

Little does he know
That she is a sorceress
Who holds a long grudge

The angry woman
Sees that her fresh lettuce has
Been taken away

She pays the young thieves
A little visit the next
Day to get vengeance

A curse on you fools
I want to take your new kid
Or else you both die

A girl is born then
Kidnapping commences and
They disappear, poof

Girl grows up in a
Tower with no way to climb
Down except by hair

Witch calls up to her
‘Rapunzel Rapunzel, let
Down your hair for me’

Some time later a
Prince is eavesdropping and does
Creep on the princess

Thinks on his feelings
Develops unwarranted
Sense of attachment

To a girl he has
Not yet met, so he calls up
With the witch’s words

She lets down her hair
He climbs up and meets her, both
Fall in love quickly

Despite the danger
Of strangers who gain access
To you deceptively

The prince leaves her there
She alternates letting in
The witch and the prince

One day the witch finds
Out about her secret tryst
And cuts off her hair

She hides the girl and
Poses as her when the man
Comes back to get her

Rapunzel is still
Trapped, the prince confronts the witch
She pushes him out

He falls and goes blind
Both him and Rapunzel are
Wandering alone

One day the prince hears
Her song, good thing he can still
Recall her nice voice

She cries on his eyes
Seems gross but gets the job done
No longer a blind

Happy family
Of miscreants united
The witch stayed back home


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