Anatomy of a Black Eye

First you take a dash of luck
Then you take a spin
Next you yell out ‘better duck’
Because you’re about to win

Whipping around in one slice
Holding the edge just too long
You’re a blur across the ice
Cutting it a little wrong

Too far back on your deadly blade
Try to turn but slip back in place
The ice wanted to with you played
A dirty trick so you whip in haste

Turning so you face the rink
A body roll in fact but slow
With others students’ jumps in sync
The pain in your forehead starts to grow

Immediately you ice the bump
Not with the rink but a pack, you fool
Alarming friends, they stay in a clump
Your teacher skates you out of the pool

No concussion, thank the Ice King
Take a break and dare not cry
Its not so bad only a sting
Your future holds a nice black eye


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