Please Show Yourself Out

Today I had a visitor, prob’ly full of disease
I guess that is a stereotype, he’s prob’ly just full of cheese
I do not think he left my house
So all my things I then did douse
In cleaning liquid sure as heck
I did not leave one little speck
That creature, scurrying about
I thought I saw before, the lout
But maybe I played tricks on me
Because I’m not sure what I did see
Until this evening, so fair
I nearly wet my underwear
If he comes in my room tonight
Or she I suppose, with all my might
I will scream and thrash around
Like my friend Thrasher to a moth on the ground
Too bad I do not have a log
Protection from the angry fog
But is he trapped inside the box
Or did it escape the cabinet stocks
So many questions here to ponder
That mouse out there better not wander


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