A Year: Abridged – Unlocked

I think of red balloons, whenever I’m with you
I don’t know why, I never have experienced them with you
I think of the masking tape, stuck beside my bed
Of hitchhiking the galaxy, with you walking beside my tread
Our many battles fought in the final destination
Who would have thought that Peach could beat Kirby’s commendation? 😉
Ambling walks of fate, with no destination in mind
Discovering new vistas of the beautiful or ugly kind
A hand to hold in movies, while we try to keep the focus
Such snarky comments ready, always say them in the locus
Cuddling on cold, cold nights, blissful as can be
Snuggling a cat or scarf when you’re not where I can see
Weird looks across the orchestra, not caring if we’re seen
Sneaking around camp so information isn’t gleaned
But then again it wasn’t bad when most cohorts found out
I admit my glee when I could flout my happiness about
Milkshakes, burgers, stir fry. And dancing in the kitchen
When I was doing dishes, you always offering to pitch in
So many things I think about when I think about you
I know I’ll always add to this, whatever, I choose you!

Dedicated to ClassyMan and our 1 year of togetherness!


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