Like a face fungus on your life
It needs to be taken care of

Like when it rains after being so humid,
And somehow, 100% humidity is better than 90%
Relief with a twist

Like when you miss the train just as you can see it

Like at the end of a long day when you finally take off your shoes
Realizing your exhaustion

Like when someone tells you a hilarious thing and asks you to keep it a secret
Excitement and longing

Like when someone is born green and tries to be gold while pretending not to care

Like when you find out your planet has been destroyed, but you and one other person are still alive
Either happiness or disgust at your options

Like when you eat something you know you shouldn’t

Like when that girl you know starts spouting off analogies, but not offering any advice because she doesn’t know what to say
She wishes she could help more


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