The Third Most Intelligent

In dark dark days
I cling to them
I whine and plead
The stress it stems

I need them close
But they spread far
I hope together
We’ll be at par

I complain
Near all the time
Seriously anything
I’m not a mime

I love them so
My family
When I want to weep
They speak gently

Talk me down
From an anxious high
Takes more than one
ClassyMan works it wry

He is often
The last I call
The one I need
When I’m about to fall

MisT gets a quick
Phone now
I miss her so
So I try not to have a cow

I text my clan
Agent M
And E the unemployed
Trying to get some REM

The sister she
Is so useful
Will let me talk
Till the words are full

Even Padre
I call first
The best advice
Though it seems the worst

Darn it all
I can’t believe
The mouse is back
I should still try to breathe


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