Showering with Friends

There is a spider in my shower
I see him in there every hour
Who knows if he just likes to clean
Himself or if he’s there for sheen

While I shower his web does glisten
Maybe he likes to peacefully listen
To the music I play while I wash
As all around him the waters slosh

Usually I’m a horrid murderer
Of bugs and insects I see, though never a torturer
I can’t abide small things that scurry
Or always look like they’re in a hurry

I’m somewhat ashamed of my murderous past
And future, but I swear that integrity will last
The spider in the shower and I
Have an agreement beyond the sky

The spider will kill all bugs of the bathroom
And I will no longer have to fume
At the bugs who invade my space
They don’t even pay rent! Lazy invaders of my place


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