Second Hand Revenge

Deciding to give my neighbor a gift
Was not a hard decision
I try to avoid a neighborly rift
But I can’t, barring inhibition

I know exactly zero of the three
In putrid apartment six
So loud, repugnant, I judge but don’t see
What awful thing they seem to mix

I’ll leave a note for their reading pleasure
On the gift of a new ash tray
They can respond promptly, at their leisure
I demand action, here to stay

No longer will I let my own hallway
Up here to be filled with smoke
Do you think in jest its what I say?
Poor kid, I assure you this is no joke

If a non-response is what you give me
I’ll only be a little mean
Send your butts to our landlord, for free
“No charge to kick you out,” I’ll preen

I must admit it may in fact, not go down this way
But what’s a notavogon to do when she wheezes and coughs all day?
Give a warning, then revenge, then play.


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