Thanks But No

I’ve been stamped with a burning brand
Pushed out in the cold and left to stand
Will I ever even shake hands with my goal
Or will I be sent standing and hobbling like a newly born foal

Though it’s the nicest rejection I ever got
I still wanted it, rather a lot
If I’m going to live here I might as well possess
Some way to make money not under duress

Rejected. The word burns bitter and harsh
Dejected. Uncomfortably hot in the despairing marsh
I definitely won’t get over it well enough soon
I’m going to feel dismay, because my joy has been hewn


4 thoughts on “Thanks But No

  1. They always talk about the 1% in economic terms, never the important ones like this. But when you think of the tiny few ambitious and talented enough to submit an m/s for publication, you’re a bloody Hero!

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