A One Bear Open Sleigh

A one horse open sleigh
Isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
The horse gets distracted by hay
And may have at least one flea

If you take an open sleigh
You’d better hope it snows
No fun without the fray
The transport you had chose

If I owned a sleigh
It wouldn’t have a horse
Despite allergies that slay
I’d train a bear of course

Popular it wouldn’t be my sleigh
For its hard to train a bear
My insurance might not even pay
If it harmed more than one hair

Adrenaline junkies would hate my sleigh
Even though imminent death
For the bear can’t pull but a small way
And might turn to take their breath

On second thought a bear drawn sleigh
Might be more trouble than it seemed
But whatever I still have to say
A bear is the one that I deemed.


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