Naturally Fixed Flow

Sitting by the unlit fireplace
Reading never printed lines
It isn’t tangible
But you can see it with your face

What if I grabbed a book
And used the tablet and a hook
To take the quo and have it shook

Eating burgers electrically grilled
Chewing oven toasted buns
Taste the indoors
You seem to be thrilled

Though healthier you may have seen
I feel we should in fact glean
The glow of the fire’s sheen

Even the outside wants to be in
I found an evil ladybug
Imposter flying by
I sicced ClassyMan to save its skin

The ladybug twin will live
Despite my fear and reach for a shiv
I hope it will forgive

Tomorrow I will skate on ice
Filtered through a machine
But I will spin and jump
It will have to suffice

But soon I’ll skate outside
And take my skates for a glide
Or maybe just hide


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