A Mermaid’s Woes

I might hate to be a mermaid
Though someone might be able to persuade
But unless I had a palisade
My only defense would be an offensive serenade

And my hair normally so untangled
Would be so wild I might get strangled
Or perhaps a fish would wander in to be wrangled
I wonder if it would end up very mangled?

My skin being wet, all the time
Would activate itching that felt like a crime
Let along the fact that I’d have but one leg
Which might be worse than one leg a peg

My siren song to sailors near
Would definitely cause them fear
A song that lured, trying to sneak a peer
Would fail by my vocal talents here

Although there’s one thing that might be fine
I could speak to fishes if their speech was like mine
I’d hope to have friends down in the brine
Unless their inclinations were not benign

And any plans for retaliation
Might be foiled by a smart crustacean
So I’ll try my best to avoid mermaid transformation
And stick to firmly land based hydration


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