Superglue, my dad would say
About the topic at hand
He wouldn’t want to stop the day
And make the scene more grand

My mom would clean and cover
With a chance of a call to my pharmacist aunt
She’d kill any chance of invasion
But the care would surely not be scant

But as for me and mine
I’m somewhere in between
For me I’d bandage and be fine
But for friends it’s more extreme

The hubris he felt did linger
He attacked the avocado with relish
And didn’t notice the finger
I swear I’d never embellish

It’s not what I said I’d do
But for him to avoid the tomb
In the chaos that did ensue
We spent the night in the emergency room

And what did the doctor say
When the finger came to his view?
Don’t worry I’ll patch it up
Let’s use some superglue


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