And My Heart Dropped

I could feel my heart drop As I dropped what holds my life Not just some silly prop Causing me this instant strife Just trying to keep it protected Inside my pocket near Instead my pocket rejected The thing I hold most dear My poor unwanted cellphone Dropped down to the harsh concrete As I […]

Playing Safe

Goodnight goodnight my faded friend Not sure if bitter but surely an end You gave what-ifs as a reason to bounce I suppose you were scared that commitment would pounce Just because I saw in the distance a future Doesn’t mean right now that I’d want to you suture I’m no psychic but I should […]

Hobbit-Hole is Where the Bed is

A place I’d like to live in life Would be a hobbit hole A cozy place I’d keep cluttered But just so that I could still stroll I may not be a Vogon of earth But I can clearly see The semblance of a hobbit In everything that makes up me Short in stature, unkempt […]

Prufrockin’ New Year’s Eve Party

I can hear the mermaids singing each to each I do believe they like the beach And though the year has come now to a close I’m mad and I just want to make a pose All I want is everyone by my side Why do they disappoint and leave me cried? So notavogon will […]

Naturally Fixed Flow

Sitting by the unlit fireplace Reading never printed lines It isn’t tangible But you can see it with your face What if I grabbed a book And used the tablet and a hook To take the quo and have it shook Eating burgers electrically grilled Chewing oven toasted buns Taste the indoors You seem to […]

Identity Crisis

It has almost come time For notavogon to go home Is my home a planet Where I can phone home? Is like to think that I A girl not a Vogon Wouldn’t be so much an alien Even if she left bygone Surely I’m not a Vogon It’s what I tell my friends But am […]