Prufrockin’ New Year’s Eve Party

I can hear the mermaids singing each to each I do believe they like the beach And though the year has come now to a close I’m mad and I just want to make a pose All I want is everyone by my side Why do they disappoint and leave me cried? So notavogon will […]

The Third Most Intelligent

In dark dark days I cling to them I whine and plead The stress it stems I need them close But they spread far I hope together We’ll be at par I complain Near all the time Seriously anything I’m not a mime I love them so My family When I want to weep They […]

Classily with MisT and ClassyMan

We speak real well with eloquence We drink my sparkling grape juice Dressed to the nines, not on the fence But ironically tightening bolts, loose I knew assembling furniture Was a complicated task So suave the fancy dresses lure Why not sip juice and skip the flask The Malm is now together and we have […]

An Urgent Request for Agent M

My dear friend Agent M What have you been doing We sent you on a mission Instead, are you canoodling? E and I are worried You should be more efficient And use your torture methods Instead of becoming conditiant If you don’t find out We may have to send some backup Not saying he’s the […]

MissT, H, and E; Dear Friends

In fact not by notavogon, but by my dear friend and colleague, Agent M Missing Persons who need not be found They are not lost but simply not around But when I am the only one who has left My word choice Missing Persons isn’t deft So missing persons and Missing Person I am Fallen […]