Social Revival

My friends if you know me well If you have questions you want me to quell You’ll know I’ve been gone a few years Took a look at my ancient twitter My seventeen followers a flitter 2014 was the end it appears In every job application I put social media as a foundation I had […]

Monsters in the Nightlight

In the morning I’m a monster An uncoordinated mess I’m sorry if I poked your eye I’m clumsy, I confess And once I punched you in my sleep I swear an accident Luckily when you woke up Your condition was near mint When I wake up I groan to you About the loud alarm It’s […]

Tales of Insomnia 4

Shaken violently awake My dreams will push me out No matter where, at 4am Almost like someone outside of them shouts I coupd consider going To a 5am gym class Its hardly fair I have to go Just to work on my … mass To be honest I’d rather be Awake than in some dreams […]

Pity Party

There once was a girl with a cold Who lied and claimed allergies, bold She sneezed and she coughed And they skeptically scoffed That poor little girl with a cold She thought they could be sympathetic And everything more copacetic But they seemed quite hostile So strange the room spiteful Some rolled their eyes, apathetic […]

And My Heart Dropped

I could feel my heart drop As I dropped what holds my life Not just some silly prop Causing me this instant strife Just trying to keep it protected Inside my pocket near Instead my pocket rejected The thing I hold most dear My poor unwanted cellphone Dropped down to the harsh concrete As I […]