Tales of Insomnia 4

Shaken violently awake
My dreams will push me out
No matter where, at 4am
Almost like someone outside of them shouts

I coupd consider going
To a 5am gym class
Its hardly fair I have to go
Just to work on my … mass

To be honest I’d rather be
Awake than in some dreams
Running away from a serial killer
Is harder than it seems

And acting a spy I’ve often found
Exhausting when you’re made
An arranged marriage to recompence
My crimes? I’m not the type to bridesmaid

Sleep would be so preferrable
However, in this heat
Laying, slightly sticky
Atop a fitted sheet


Business Trips

If I wear high heels
The next day is rough, much like
A foot hangover

Although, if I had
Gone out with my coworkers
There’d be a real one


You know when you wake from a bump in the night?
Well that bump in the night might be me
From when I got up to pee
Or maybe a coughing spree

Sometimes I’ll decide in the night to get up
To look over my bookshelf and read
And go at a glacial speed
Navigation is something I need

For the bump in the night you hear is from me
Tripping on clothes and bumbling about
Since I walk around with the lights out
And if I stumble I might shout

Pity Party

There once was a girl with a cold
Who lied and claimed allergies, bold
She sneezed and she coughed
And they skeptically scoffed
That poor little girl with a cold

She thought they could be sympathetic
And everything more copacetic
But they seemed quite hostile
So strange the room spiteful
Some rolled their eyes, apathetic

The girl with the cold went to bed
Heavy and congested her head
But alas could not sleep
For the cold it ran deep
The thought of a cough bringing dread

And My Heart Dropped

I could feel my heart drop
As I dropped what holds my life
Not just some silly prop
Causing me this instant strife

Just trying to keep it protected
Inside my pocket near
Instead my pocket rejected
The thing I hold most dear

My poor unwanted cellphone
Dropped down to the harsh concrete
As I feared it would fall blown
And the screen shattered in defeat

I wish I could see the words
That I type as I remember
The horrid incident that spurred
My feelings to be hot as an ember


Attractive man I sit behind
I though your face was nice
But now that I’m behind your bod
I see I should have looked twice

I wouldn’t judge your personhood
Based on attractive features
But I’m less inclined to date someone
Who reminds me of mythical creatures