Playing Safe

Goodnight goodnight my faded friend Not sure if bitter but surely an end You gave what-ifs as a reason to bounce I suppose you were scared that commitment would pounce Just because I saw in the distance a future Doesn’t mean right now that I’d want to you suture I’m no psychic but I should […]

The Love Song of N. A Vogon

I have seen the letter penned straight from your mind I hope one day to see it all designed A simple code meant just for me to see I know the note will bring me glee Reading the tocking methodology Though Prufrock has heard the mermaids singing each to each I’ve heard them singing that […]


I can tell you tales of lore But I refuse to step into gore Of some lonely nights There are lots of types of vampires Abundant but such poor hires They can’t keep to themselves Those habitual, emotional and electric Also some are quite eclectic They can’t work independently I’ve nothing other against them Except […]

Classily with MisT and ClassyMan

We speak real well with eloquence We drink my sparkling grape juice Dressed to the nines, not on the fence But ironically tightening bolts, loose I knew assembling furniture Was a complicated task So suave the fancy dresses lure Why not sip juice and skip the flask The Malm is now together and we have […]