Monsters in the Nightlight

In the morning I’m a monster An uncoordinated mess I’m sorry if I poked your eye I’m clumsy, I confess And once I punched you in my sleep I swear an accident Luckily when you woke up Your condition was near mint When I wake up I groan to you About the loud alarm It’s […]

Playing Safe

Goodnight goodnight my faded friend Not sure if bitter but surely an end You gave what-ifs as a reason to bounce I suppose you were scared that commitment would pounce Just because I saw in the distance a future Doesn’t mean right now that I’d want to you suture I’m no psychic but I should […]

Naturally Fixed Flow

Sitting by the unlit fireplace Reading never printed lines It isn’t tangible But you can see it with your face What if I grabbed a book And used the tablet and a hook To take the quo and have it shook Eating burgers electrically grilled Chewing oven toasted buns Taste the indoors You seem to […]

The Love Song of N. A Vogon

I have seen the letter penned straight from your mind I hope one day to see it all designed A simple code meant just for me to see I know the note will bring me glee Reading the tocking methodology Though Prufrock has heard the mermaids singing each to each I’ve heard them singing that […]

An Urgent Request for Agent M

My dear friend Agent M What have you been doing We sent you on a mission Instead, are you canoodling? E and I are worried You should be more efficient And use your torture methods Instead of becoming conditiant If you don’t find out We may have to send some backup Not saying he’s the […]

A Year: Abridged – Unlocked

I think of red balloons, whenever I’m with you I don’t know why, I never have experienced them with you I think of the masking tape, stuck beside my bed Of hitchhiking the galaxy, with you walking beside my tread Our many battles fought in the final destination Who would have thought that Peach could […]