When I Can

When I don’t figure skate It feels as though my legs will run away without my body When I don’t play my violin My arms are noodles, only fit for cutting onions and causing tears When I don’t write Everything stays in, and I become a boring average When I skate I can fly When […]

A Spirited Choice

It seems again the spirits dance I can’t escape their ghostly trance Should I join their bacchanale And see what has them in a thrall? They dance on the roof where most of us Don’t stray for fear there’d be a fuss I wonder why the spirits frolic When the baby downstairs might have colic […]

Naturally Fixed Flow

Sitting by the unlit fireplace Reading never printed lines It isn’t tangible But you can see it with your face What if I grabbed a book And used the tablet and a hook To take the quo and have it shook Eating burgers electrically grilled Chewing oven toasted buns Taste the indoors You seem to […]

Identity Crisis

It has almost come time For notavogon to go home Is my home a planet Where I can phone home? Is like to think that I A girl not a Vogon Wouldn’t be so much an alien Even if she left bygone Surely I’m not a Vogon It’s what I tell my friends But am […]

Zeus Has An Attitude Problem

What if airplane bumps and bruises Were nothing more than air Instead of while the pilot cruises The clouds attack, prejudiced, with care You may have thought the other way Around was the true case But any pilot will tell you in the fray The clouds think they have earned their place And if clouds […]

Your Worst Nightmare

The shadows dance and dart Through the darkened shades One is striped the other is opaque Imagining the part Where shadows aren’t Shadows but your lives Past, future but no start All are intertwined No more need to fear the dark If they all have your heart You can rest with ease Surrounded by nothing […]