Tales of Insomnia 4

Shaken violently awake My dreams will push me out No matter where, at 4am Almost like someone outside of them shouts I coupd consider going To a 5am gym class Its hardly fair I have to go Just to work on my … mass To be honest I’d rather be Awake than in some dreams […]

Body Talk

‘Oh please’ my body says to me ‘You think I would let you feel free To sleep away the night so dark? Your mind neutral and your bod in park?’ ‘You can maybe just have one And then I’ll do what’s to be done’ ‘But body’, I say back to you ‘Shouldn’t those be together […]

Prufrockin’ New Year’s Eve Party

I can hear the mermaids singing each to each I do believe they like the beach And though the year has come now to a close I’m mad and I just want to make a pose All I want is everyone by my side Why do they disappoint and leave me cried? So notavogon will […]

Ballet of the Breeze

In the night the tops of trees look feathered in the winter breeze Though made of twigs and sticks and bark they do not stand idly in park Firmly in the ground they grow waiting to be covered by snow And though they’ve lost their leaves for now to human nor beast they will not […]

Cartwheeling in the Dark

One night as I am wandering I saunter wildly pondering If anyone would stare If I cartwheeled through the air And then I wonder why I’m confined From all this freedom in my mind I should simply take the risk Not just shaken, stirred with a whisk Am I the existential whale Trying to make […]