Red in the Face

I’m sorry I was cross I didn’t mean to yell in case I became red in the face Oh wait, now I remember It wasn’t me who yelled Or anyone who even spelled So why am I red in the face? Am I embarrassed or excited Or have I been indicted? No, I’m pretty sure […]

Overwhelmingly Physiological

Did you know that falling down And flying in your dreams Could just be rehearsals Instead of causing screams? Did you know that substance P Causes lots of pain? But did you know the PAG Causes less of it to strain? Did you know that in slow wave sleep Sometimes you can walk and talk? […]

Second Hand Revenge

Deciding to give my neighbor a gift Was not a hard decision I try to avoid a neighborly rift But I can’t, barring inhibition I know exactly zero of the three In putrid apartment six So loud, repugnant, I judge but don’t see What awful thing they seem to mix I’ll leave a note for […]